The Diabetic Travelers Network

  • The first organisation for traveling with diabetes
  • A social impact community that connects diabetic from all around the world
  • Tailored trip assistance provided by experienced diabetic travelers
  • The convenience of all in one digital platform

What can we do together

  • Organise your trip and give you the confidence to travel without worry

  • Learn about diabetic travelers specific needs

  • Increase our positive impact on the diabetic community

  • Make long life friendships

  • Ensure you get the best travel experience


What they think about it

Thank you so much Julie K. for creating this amazing community ! It helped me and still helps me to realise that diabetes shouldn’t stop you from discovering the world and do what everyone else does. It also raises awareness about this disease of which so many aspects are still not widely known. This group meant and still means a great deal to me in the first months of my life with type 1 diabetes, I realised that there are a lot of people around the world facing the same struggle as me. Thank you so much !

- Alice V.

As a T1D that loves road trips, I LOVE this group!

Traveling with diabetes looks a lot different than it did before I was diagnosed. I have to have supplies, candies, make sure I have enough medication before I leave..it can be a lot!

Sometimes there are things I don’t think about that someone else may share with the group to help make it easier when traveling.

I’ve never flown but I may someday, and I know this will be place I come to for advice navigating through an airport and all of the procedures that come with it.

This group is important and I highly recommend it!

- Jasmine B.

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