• Diabetes & Yoga:

    How tech can help to advance your yoga practice     Did you know that one out of six people with type 1 diabetes is affected by moderate to severe anxiety symptoms? Stress can affect your bl

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  • Insulin Pumps & Flying: Why you are at risk of a hypo in the bagage reclaim hall

    You have already prepared yourself for your trip, took the plane, managed your insulin, checked your blood glucose. You have done everything and yet when you arrive to the baggage claim area your bloo

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  • Climbing Kilimanjaro with Type1 Diabetes

    Kilimanjaro – Defying the odds – Setting New Standards   Featuring Paul Coker, type 1 diabetic and founder of 1Bloodydrop   When I was diagnosed, and through my childhood, diabetes defin

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    With all that is going on with COVID 19 at the moment, a lot of us have to rethink how to go through airport when necessary. Traveling can be stressful, especially with diabetes. It this article I tel

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  • The Diabetic Traveler Diary – Part 1

    With Pete Davies type 1 diabetic since 1956 I don’t think we carried my urine test kit (blood test meters hadn’t been invented back then!) so my parents kept a very watchful eye on me and gave me

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  • Traveling around the world with diabetes

    An experienced traveller and yoga instructor,Julie shares her experience traveling with type 1 diabetes. During the past 4 years she has visited more than 10 countries and lived in Australia, Indonesi

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