I am always on fire to discover the country where I travel to. It is not all planned and sometimes really new for my diabetes, but I’m always prepared and I am never really freaking out when things are not working well.

Every activity I did everywhere I was, was fewer problems than what people would have told me it would be. It was like I didn’t have diabetes.

I think my mindset is able to control my blood sugar sometimes. Even in Bali I lost my Dexcom after 3 days while surfing, 18 days ahead and no transmitter or Dexcom stuff available, I had to go back to old school fingerpicking. I had not enough test strips with me for the whole time.

I ran into three pharmacies and bought a new system for 30€ and a few more test stripes for 15€. It was easier than I thought it would be in Indonesia. After that, I went surfing more, climbed a volcano, hiked and sunbathing without any problem. It was easy to handle and I was all the time happy to enjoy Bali.

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