Hello travel mates! I’m Margaux, passionate about discovering the world, languages, painting and hiking!

I have Type 1 diabetes since I was 12 years old. I’ve traveled to 6 countries on two continents. Europe and South America. My two biggest experiences were: 1 year in London in 2015-2016 and 6 months between Colombia, Ecuador and Peru this year.

For my last 6 month trip, I used about 800 needles (if my calculation is good ..) I just know that I came back with a huge stock of needles so I can’t remember how much I had planned 😅

We certainly have a disease, but I always said to myself “you mustn’t adapt to the disease but your diabete will adapt to your way of life”.
Long-term travel is just beginning for me and I have no barriers. With diabetes we are testing new things and going beyond our limits.

Next trip ➡️ Argentina for an indefinite period!

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