Hello my fellow travelers, My name is Disha which means Direction in Hindi. I am from Mumbai, India currently living in London. I associate myself with seeking freedom, opportunities to enjoy life, to love and of course to go to new places.

I have been diabetic for almost 22 years now, diagnosed when I was 5.
In a way, I have grown up with diabetes being part of my life and I hardly remember my life before it. Just like the period pain, I embraced needle bruises and finger pricks as a part of my normal life which was also the reason I never thought diabetes could set me back.

My first ever trip was to London when I was visiting my long-distance
boyfriend, now husband for the first time and we traveled across Europe that’s when I realized I love traveling especially being fascinated by new cultures and cuisines. Surprisingly, I have never done a solo trip but I am keen on doing one in the next couple of months. I have been to 18 countries + 2 coming up before December 2019.

I didn’t really get any comments from my family or society about a T1
woman traveling mostly because there has always been at least one person with me but also because I am always over-prepared with diabetes supplies, prescriptions from the doctor, cooling pouches, travel insurance, etc.

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