Hi everyone? I am Francesca, I am 29 years old and I have been living with type 1 since I was 6. As a kid, my biggest fear was not able to do what my friends were doing. I felt like my future was limited in what I could do. But diabetes never stopped me from following my dreams of traveling, playing sports, and eating whatever I wanted. Diabetes has made me the person I am today. I would like people to know that type 1 diabetes is not only needles, insulin and not eating sugar. This is something you never get a break from, mentally and physically, it constantly affects you.

If you are diabetic and you reading this post, I want to let you know that I know what you are going through. Keep fighting and don’t let diabetes control your life, don’t be afraid to do the things that you always wanted to do.

Take support in your loved ones. I am so grateful for my parents, and for all those parents like mine who have been there since day 1, for siblings like mine who have supported their brother/sister with diabetes. Partners like mine who loves me despite my diabetic mood, up and down. Not forgetting those friends who care about you and take care of you when needed. I would not be the person I am without them.

If I think back when I got diagnosed, and the technology and products that were available, it is truly amazing how far it has come to make it more manageable. I am grateful to medicine and technology who made my life more enjoyable Who knows what the future holds, but let’s hope for a cure.

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