Hi travelers, I am Francisco J. Alcántara and I am 25 years old being T1D for 18 years. I’ve always loved practicing sports and traveling around the world, and my diabetes wasn’t a barrier so as to do it. I have to admit I got two sicknesses diabetes and wanderlust, and I bring them with me everywhere every time. I have been in so many beautiful places, enjoying the views and vibes with my insulin, needles, and strips as a part of myself. And don’t forget about the juices, chocolates or sweets (just in case).

I have lived twice in the USA and in Poland, studying and working, and I didn’t have more problems than others guys without diabetes.

I am not rich, so to go far away, I had to work for it. Traveling with diabetes was the most difficult and wonderful times in my life. You realize who you are and what you can do.

In terms of diabetes, I always bring the double of everything that I am going to need. Insulin is always in my backpack, and also the needles and strips if it is a short trip. For longer stays, I am used to bringing a bag mostly for diabetic stuff. If you can not beat your enemy, join him.

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